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June 10st 2013 A massive presence of Metafora at the CSCL conference. The Metafora team will be present in the CSCL conference – to be held in the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, USA, on June 15-19, 2013 – in three important activities:
- A demonstration of the Metafora tool and pedagogical approach highlighting the latest developments in the project’s technological work and results of recent studies. The activity will be led by members of the KUEI team (Andreas Harrer, Andreas Lingnau and Kerstin Pfahler), in cooperation with Rupert Wegerif and Yang Yang (from UNEXE) and Reuma De-Groot and Baruch Schwarz (from HUJI).
- Presentation of a paper in an interactive event: Peer scaffold in math problem solving using the Metafora tool, by Rotem Abdu, from HUJI.
- Presentation of the paper L2L2: Developing tools to support an essential complex competence for the Internet Age, by Rupert Wegerif and Yang Yang, from UNEXE.
The Metafora team is proud to be present in this important event, showing its advanced tools and informing on promising preliminary findings on the use of the tool in math and science teaching and learning.

June 3rd 2013 FUG meetings carried out at several of Metafora partners’ locations. Focus User Group meetings represent unique opportunities to combine dissemination, reception of valuable feedback and exploitation-preparation tasks. Invitees to a FUG usually represent different disciplines, and their attendance is deemed to be important on the basis of their expected contribution in any of those areas. FUG meetings were foreseen in Metafora’s work plan for the last stages of the project, and now we can inform that three such events have taken place in the last two months – one in the UK and two in Israel – focusing, respectively, on an academic discussion of the Learning to Learn Together (L2L2)-grounded core of the project, on usability aspects of the Metafora tools (featuring also hands-on experimentation), and on a presentation to educational stakeholders and policy-makers as a basis for the subsequent round table-like discussion around the widespread use potential of Metafora. One additional FUG meeting is scheduled for the next weeks in Greece.

March 21th 2013 Testaluna presented Metafora project at SERIGAMEX 2013, a workshop about serious games held in Rome, at VIGAMUS (Italian Museum of Videogames), on the 21st of March. The audience, made mainly by professionals in the field of serious games, have been presented with an overview of the project and its components, with a particular focus on Pirates of the Kinematics Island, one of the domain tools of the Metafora platform.

January 28th 2013 The Metafora consortium has just held a Project Management Board meeting in the calm and inspiring environment of the Dead Sea area in Israel. The consortium discussed and took several decisions on current and future work, addressing both technological and pedagogical matters, arranging for future dissemination efforts showing the Metafora environment in its advanced development stage, and preparing the ground for the project's final review.

April 2nd 2012 A workshop led by Metafora teams at ITS 2012 - The Center for e-Learning Technology (CelTech) of Saarland University, and the London Knowledge Lab (LKL) in the Institute of Education of the University of London are running the workshop Intelligent Support for Exploratory Environments 2012 – Exploring, Collaborating and Learning Together. The workshop will be held in conjunction with The 11th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems - Crete – Greece, in June 2012. While still based strongly on the key theme of developing intelligent software support for ELEs, this edition of the workshop recognizes the powerful role of social learning and the need to support collaborative learning. The sub-theme of this workshop is therefore “exploring, collaborating, and learning together”, encouraging contributions that investigate how to orchestrate and support collaborative learning in the context of ELEs. We encourage the participation of researchers working in any of these areas, across these areas, or even those who have plans or proposals to explore these areas. For more information, see:


April 2nd 2012 Metafora will be presented to the Research Institute for Innovation in Education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem – The HUJI team in Metafora was invited to present the project to the Institute’s staff, who will be gathering in the framework of the "The Institute learns" cycle in a forthcoming meeting expected to take place in April or May this year.

March 28th 2012 A meeting with teachers working with Metafora – The team of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Metafora invited three teachers from two schools presently working with the tool to a one-day seminar held on 28.3.12 in its premises. Several issues related to the Metafora approach and implementation were raised and discussed in the seminar, together with an active exchange of experiences that enriched the visitors and hosts’ knowledge.

March 20th 2012 Metafora presented to Colombian colleagues – Given its potential relevance for a common project - Red de Modelamiento y Representación formal en Matemáticas, in which part of the HUJI team in Metafora is involved – our project was presented, giving a general introduction and an outline of useful lessons from its experience for that project and ideas for collaboration in the future.

March 1st 2012 Metafora's second year’s review will take place on September12th, 2012. As in the first year, the review meeting will be held in the DFKI building on Saarland University Campus. Here is the contact and directions website for the building: http://www.dfki.de/web/contact/dfki-saarbruecken

November 28th 2011 Metafora has been invited to the Fourth FP7 ICT Coordinators Day on Project Management, which will take place in Brussels on 28 November 2011 (http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict_coordinators/index_en.htm). It will be represented there by Dr. Raul Drachman, of the project's Coordination team (HUJI - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

October 7th 2011 Metafora has been invited to participate in the ProCoNet group (www.proconet-education.eu), a network of project coordinators of European projects in science education. The invitation has resulted, on 7.10.11, in our project's undersigning a Letter of Consent formalizing its participation in the network

August 3rd 2011 Metafora's first year review will take place in September 9th 2011. The review will be held in the Reuse Room of the DFKI building on Saarland University Campus. Here is the contact and directions website for the building:

August 1st 2011 The first-year review version of the software is on air and can be approached in four languages:
English: http://metafora.ku-eichstaett.de:8081/home/?locale=en
Greek: http://metafora.ku-eichstaett.de:8081/home/?locale=gr
Hebrew: http://metafora.ku-eichstaett.de:8081/home/?locale=he
German: http://metafora.ku-eichstaett.de:8081/home/?locale=de

July 20th 2011
Metafora was presented in an event in Cartagena, Colombia.
In four events carried out in the period 4-14 July, 2011, in the cities of Bogota, Ubate and Cartagena (https://sites.google.com/a/areandina.edu.co/3er-congreso-internacional-de-creatividad-y-pedagogia/) in Colombia, the Metafora project was presented, raising much enthusiasm in the respective audiences, composed of teachers, other educational practitioners, local and regional educational authorities and university lecturers and researchers in education and related fields. The hosting institutions were the Universidad Central, the Escuela Nacional Superior de Ubate, ICONK and the Fundacion Universitaria del Area Andina (in which the presentation was devoted, to a large extent, to exposing and discussing aspects of the project that promote creativity among young students). The consortium was represented in these opportunities by Reuma De Groot and Raul Drachman, of the coordinating team - HUJI, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A large number of members of the attending audiences expressed their wish to be involved in Metafora-based or -related activities as soon as the resulting tools become practically usable in learning environments. More details about the events and the material presented are available upon request.

February 19th 2011 Metafora’s first year review will take place in September 9th 2011. The review will be hosted Saarbrucken